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LDAP Admin: Batch operations

Modify operations on datasets

This is a useful feature in case when you have to make same or similar modifications to every entry in some data set. For instance, you may want to change mail domain for a group of users or change company address for all persons in address book.

The modify dataset functionality uses the search dialog to allow you to create datasets in an accustomed manner as you would with a common search query. The only difference is that, when the query is executed, query results won't be displayed as with search functionality. Rather, the operations defined in modify view will be executed on the resulting dataset. You can define more then one operation to be executed; the operations will be executed in the order in which they were defined.

All operations support use of parameters in respective value fields. The parameters are attribute names enclosed in percent signs %. At runtime, the parameter will be replaced with the value of the corresponding attribute. If you need to have % sign in the text you can use escape character ('\') to indicate this.

Some operations will allow the use of a wildcard '*' in value fields. Delete operation allows the use of wildcard in its value field and replace operation allows its use in the field for the old value. You can always use wildcard in the attribute name field. For instance, you could use replace operation on diplayName attribute with old value set to * and new value to %sn%, %givenName% to change display name to first, last name whatever the content of the attribute was.

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