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LDAP Admin: Command line parameters

Command line parameters

You may pass connection related parameters to LDAPAdmin on the command line in order to directly connect to the specified URL. Moreover, LDAPAdmin can register itself as the default browser for the ldap URL type. This way, you can create shortcuts on the desktop which can be used to connect to server with the simple doubleclick.

URL Syntax

Syntax of the LDAP URL is based on the RFC-2255 URL format. For the sake of compatibility, the old LdapAdmin URL Style is still supported. The attributes, scope and filter constructs are not supported, the superfluous query marks can therefore be omitted:



Protocol used to connect to the LDAP server. Two types are supported: ldap for unencrypted and ldaps for SSL encrypted connection.


DNS name or IP address of LDAP server to connect to.


TCP port number. This parameter is optional, if it's not specified LdapAdmin will use default LDAP ports (389 for ldap protocol, and 636 for sldap)


Base DN (a path which will be considered as the server root for this connection).


FQDN of the account which will be used to bind to the LDAP directory. If this parameter is omitted LdapAdmin will connect as the anonymous user except if the gss/sasl parameter was used, in which case the LdapAdmin will connect as the current OS user.


Password in cleartext. If omitted, password will be queried at connection time. This parameter requires bindname parameter to be specified.


Authentication type: plain, gss or sasl. Note that sasl parameter cannot be used in conjunction with ldaps protocol.



The following are some example LDAP URLs using the format defined above.



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