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1.7.2 released

Fixed a bug which caused incorrect NT hash values.

2016.Oct.19 14:54:08

1.7.1 released

Fixed a bug concerning certificate names which caused LdapAdmin to falsely issue warning with valid certificates.

2016.Aug.15 21:29:28

1.7 released

This is a first truly Unicode release. It was a major rewrite and there is virtualy no feature of LdapAdmin which was not impacted by this so I hope that I could find most of the bugs. Some nice features like offline browsing and bookmarks as well. Also, there is a translation tool now available. It's still beta but pretty functional.

Have fun :-)

2016.Jul.27 19:02:38

1.6.1 released

Ok, I just released the 1.6.1. It should contain a numerous improvements especially in a seach functionality (regex, preset queries, etc.) and a number of others which, after almost two years, I can't even remember any more ;-)

2015.Oct.16 19:56:59

Mea Culpa

I feel that I have to apologize to everybody out there who uses/used LdapAdmin for a real LONG inactivity period, which was mainly due to my personal but also business situation, which simply completely consumed my thoughts and time. I have a release ready, pending for a year or so, now. The problem is, I could never tested it well and now, I'll just take a chance and release it as is. I hope it won't be as buggy as it could be, but even that is better than to let it rot away on my PC. So, if you do find some horrible bugs, just let me know I'll fix them in no time! Promise :-)

2015.Oct.16 19:32:33
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