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LdapAdmin is now Multilingual

As of the 1.6 release, LdapAdmin is gone multilingual!

Ok, currently only German language is available (this I could do myself) but the really good news is that no programming skills or extra tools are required in order to translate LdapAdmin. All you have to do is to create translated text file and add it to LdapAdmin directory (or configure LdapAdmin to include the file directory in language search path).

The LdapAdmin language files are XML based files, so you can edit them with any text or XML editor.

You can download the German language files from the download area on LdapAdmin web site. I hope that, with time and community support, more language files can be added. For anybody who's interested in helping to translate LdapAdmin, please contact me via my sf e-mail address.


2013.Oct.31 15:25:58

LdapAdmin 1.5.2 released!

Fixed a bug when editing entries with huge number of attributes (tens of thousands) and performance issues when editing groups with large number of members. Improved GUI performance under Vista or Windows 7.

2013.May.22 11:06:00

LdapAdmin 1.5.1 released!

Fixed a bug in Copy/Move functionality which was introduced in 1.5.

Also, changed the behavior of date/time template components to properly reflect state of the control checkboxes.

2013.Mar.13 13:03:57

LdapAdmin 1.5 released!

This release introduces support for customized menus.

It is now possible to customize action menu responsible for creation and editing of LDAP objects. You can customize layout, change default entries and add new template based actions. Changes to the menu actions will be reflected when editing objects properties as well.


2013.Mar.05 16:24:47

LDAPAdmin 1.0 release

First stable release!

2012.Oct.17 13:07:39
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